Get Your Voice A Worth By Writing Good Content

You have an interest in acquiring knowledge and pass it on. It is quite obvious that knowledge cannot stay limited to the boundaries of a human body. Knowledge is ever expanding and sharing it with others can help you enrich the knowledge base and impart education to others. In many circumstances, you can find that some may listen to what you have to say while some may not. But, it should not concern you. Also, the ones who listen to you do not generally pay you and the transfer is free. The advancement in technology has also helped in making your voices reach the target audience without any noise. There are many digital ways which enable your thoughts to reach the world through blogs and online articles. People have also transformed themselves by converting to a digital platform. The internet and the accessibility through different modern gadgets have made everyone access various blogs and content platforms to enhance their knowledge about different subjects. So you can earn by writing good content on the internet.

Yes, there are many who write thereby sharing the vast ocean of knowledge in a precise and concise format. Obviously, there will be different websites and links through which you can do so and get paid. You can register on any of the blog websites and you will be paid accordingly. Now there are different ways of getting paid. It depends on the website you will write for and their norms. Some prefer to roll a pay-out on a fixed stipend while some prefer to pay you for each article. Some even prefer to pay you according to the number of clicks or views.

Steemit is a similar blogging network which is owned by Steemit Inc. It is headquartered in Virginia, USA. The blog also acts as a social networking site where the users can vote and comment on a thread containing an article. The platform is designed for English Language and all the posts, as well as the interface, are available in English.

About Steemit

The social networking platform is an exclusive information platform where writers post their articles related to any subject or topic. The articles usually revolve around various fields of interests which are trending topics. The articles are also sorted on the basis of popularity. The website was developed and launched on March 24, 2016, which has simple ergonomics for both the reader and writer segments. If you want to access the posts, you can register with them which is absolutely free. But, it is mandatory if you wish to post and edit articles on the platform. The authors post articles related to various categories and accordingly payment is rolled out.

Now the payment process is quite interesting as the payment is not in real currency but in Steem cryptocurrency. The platform actually uses Blockchain Technology to reward the authors who are appreciated by others on the platforms through votes. Now the Blockchain produces cryptocurrency and dollar-pegs which are tradable. People can also receive valued rewards for discovering popular contents, which is termed Curating. The tokens are enlisted and we all know how cryptocurrencies are gaining much appreciation in the market. So actually you can grow your wealth than to just get a payment.

Another concept that follows the payment model of the platform is the Steem power that the user can hold and enhance with their valuable posts after they are upvoted. The platform does not host any advertisements that may hinder with your reading if you are a reader. Also, the Steem virtual currency is ranked 32 which is quite a good rank provided the huge bucket of cryptocurrencies.

The Quickstart Guide to post your articles

The webpage has the facility that provides the users with a guidebook to start their freelancing. There are basic To-Do elements in the list that you must prepare yourself with before the dive.

  1. Password Backup: Steem Platform is not like other centralized websites and the technology works in a very different way. Once a password is lost in Steem Blockchain, it is near to impossible to recover that. So it is advisable to store the password safely and securely. You can backup your password or even store a copy of the password on your trusted devices.
  2. Never hesitate to review the quick start: If at some point of time you have forgotten the basics of how to start with Steemit, you can always refer to the guide which contains all the information that you may require.
  3. Read suggestions: There is a section within the website that entails various suggestions and advice from the Steemit users. The helpful posts have well-written articles from the members of Steemit community to aid the newcomers getting acquainted with the blockchain.
  4. Build your Profile: Go to the settings page and update your details. The details usually include the profile picture, display name, your location, and fields about you.You can set your avatar by either uploading your picture or providing the link where your profile picture is.
  5. Create an introduction: It is a tradition to always introduce yourself to the community when you are new and Steemit adheres to the tradition. So you can create an introductory article about your interests and subjects that you will cover. This will help the other members to get know about you. You can also find different examples of what other people did.

Having said that, you can hover to the next section to get a detailed view of the actions you can perform on the platform:

  • Create content: You can create articles by the in-house content creator available on the platform that enables you to write and post. You have to write a title and a subheading, insert relevant pictures, and tags.
  • Votes, comments, and share: Each article or post will be followed by the options voting the articles up, add a comment or share to your feeds.
  • Payments and reputation score: Payouts are generally done after 7 days either in Steem power or cryptocurrency. The payment is made 50% by Steem Power and 50% SBD by default. Another added feature is the reputation score that helps you get more votes on your posts.

Now, as you are aware of the Steemit blogging and social networking app, end your wait and register with to receive the value you deserve.

Tips on how to succeed with affiliate blogging

Learn from the about the tips that will ensure that you succeed with affiliate blogging. You can easily learn instant income through the affiliate launches or passive income with your blog posts.

If you want to get started with the online business, then you have to learn about some few affiliate tips.

Promoting before producing

Before you launch the blog and full membership site at once, it is better to try out the test run before something else. You have to try first to know what will resonate with the audience when start to promote already made products of someone else’s.

How to make money from home online

Promote something you can vet for:

Most people who start affiliate blogging, they decide to promote things which they had not used on their own. It is always advised to promote services or products that you have used on your own. If you believe that something works, you will not have to try hard to sell it. If you cannot get money to buy things you want to review, you can ask for trial or free access. The developers are willing to give you free access if you will promote their business.

Promote together with the disclaimer

It is now a law that you tell people that you are having affiliate relationship. You are the one to decide how to let people know about it. Some bloggers post a disclaimer on each affiliate link while others only add it on the sidebar. Regardless of how you choose to make it, you have to include a disclaimer on your blog.

Value your readers over the profits

Even if this may be a contraction, you should know that it is easy to make money if you do not base your blogging solely on your potential gain. It is never going to work in this way. If you cannot promote something face to face, you should not blog about it. You should promote something you are aware that it is going to bring the transformation or results from the customers.

Don’t shy about this life changing resource

Some people fail because they do not promote their blog enough. You can send the ads and think that everyone pays attention to it. You should not rely on only one communication channel; you should try to be creative about your promotion. You can use Periscope, snap chat or Facebook live to let people know about your blog.

Write content that it is timeless:

When you have old content, it has to be valuable enough so that even if it is not at the front page anymore, it can still be relevant to your readers. You can add new links into old content so that the visitors may want to visit the updated articles. You can use most recent and most popular options to each page. Even if the content is old, it will still be relevant to the readers.

Stay relevant: be aware of the latest offers with the affiliate programs. Read how you can monitor the trends and to explore the new opportunities.