What is airsoft? Is it a dangerous sport?

For some decades there has been a game called airsoft. This is a type of sport that is practiced using air weapons, which are completely harmless to people or players who practice this activity. The purpose of this game is to develop strategy skills by doing military simulations or historical simulations.

There are many young people who think that airsoft is a very exciting game that allows them to enjoy the use of non-lethal weapons to carry out strategies and achieve victory in each game. It is for this reason that airsoft has become so popular today.

There are different modalities for this game; each one has different characteristics, rules and objectives. In essence, the game can be practiced in two fundamental ways: individual and group. In individual games, the person wins if it is not eliminated during the game, while the group games consist of eliminating the opponents as soon as possible.

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Types of airsoft games

There are different types of games in this sport, which can be adapted for different game modes. Some of these are the following:

  • Last man standing: as the name implies, this is a game where the last man who has not been eliminated wins. It can be played both individually and as a group.
  • Death match: this is a modality very similar to the previous one, with the difference that when you eliminate a player you get a number of points previously established. Win the player who has scored the most points throughout the game.
  • Domination: this game establishes a time limit in which players must eliminate opponents as soon as possible or meet a specific goal established before starting the game.
  • Operations: this is a type of military simulation where a script is established with a specific objective. Then, the participants must follow this script making use of complex strategies to achieve this objective as soon as possible.
  • Capture the flag: this group establishes groups that have a flag and a base of operations. The game consists of trying to capture the flag of each team, invading its base and eliminating the opponents.

You can click here to get information about each type of game, so you can know all its rules and you can do them without any problem.

How are the weapons used in airsoft?

The weapons used in this game are very special, since they are designed to look like exact replicas of currently used weapons or weapons used in a specific period of time. The quality of these replicas is very good, so it is not easy to distinguish which is a real weapon and which is not.

The only way to achieve this is because the weapons used in airsoft must have an orange ribbon that identifies them. This is a norm that must be fulfilled at all times.

Air guns can be fired in two different ways: mechanically, that consisting of the use of springs to propel the projectile or pneumatically, which consists of the controlled release of a compressed gas that fire the projectile.

The projectiles are usually made of plastic or biodegradable materials, which do not cause any kind of physical damage to the players. It can be said that these projectiles only leave marks or welts on the skin when they impact as an unprotected area.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the fact that none of these weapons can be used if it exceeds the speed limits established in the rules of the game. Each weapon is evaluated before starting the game and if it has any irregularity it is automatically disqualified. To find more information on the subject you can click here.

Common airsoft tactics

Players who practice this activity often use different tactics and strategies to achieve their goals. Regardless of whether the game is individual or in a group, each player has their own style of play, so that there are countless different ways to achieve the objectives set.

When playing as a team the movements of the players is not usually very random, this can be said due to the fact that there is usually a hierarchical organization that facilitates decision-making and conceals the real situations that occur in the battlefields. All the strategies will depend on the terrain where the simulation is being carried out, as well as the materials that each team possesses, such as traps, grenades, mines, snipers, etc.

This does not happen the same in airsoft games set in historical moments. For example, in a game set in the Second World War it is unlikely that the historical facts on which the simulation is based will be changed, so strategies are not so necessary.

It is very important to clarify that in any type of situation or simulation, players must respect the so-called system or code of honor. This is necessary to ensure that the game develops correctly.

If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to click here. On this page you will find relevant information about airsoft, its rules, strategies, and the different types of weapons used in military simulations.