The Best War Game: Clash of Clans

Nowadays, everyone has their own Smartphone in which they can play games, watch videos anywhere and at any time.  Many adults and kids use the smartphones to play games and watch cartoon videos. Generally, the games released nowadays are very attractive and addictive to all age people from kids to adult. One of those addictive games released in the year 2012 is the clash of clans. The developer or the publisher of this game is Supercell team. The platform it supports is the iOS and the Android. The game can be played between many people around the world at the same time and also the single player can play this game without any intervention of other players.

How to play the game

The game is license free that is anyone can install and enjoy the game. This is one of the main features which would attract many game lovers. The game follows many strategies and resources available to play the game. Here are some of the rules or steps on how to play the game clash of clans:

  • Specific area of land is given to each player. The player has to construct their own village with many buildings and should form the communities between the players.
  • The main theme of the game is constructing, attacking and winning the other villages of the players.
  • The clans are the soldiers for the players in order to construct their village or to defend the opponent from attacking and also for attacking the opponents to destroy their village and earn points.
  • There are 3 stars available for the players who destroy the whole village of the opponent and 2 stars for players who destroy 50 % of the village. The winner can also have some extra credit points or coins in order to update their buildings or clans.
  • One should have the strong defending power or the clans to win the game and to reach more levels.
  • The player can also build the elixir and gold mines in their village. But they should have the strong clans in order to defend the attack of opponent player.

These are the main ideas or rules to play the game clash of clans. These many features can attract many boys or men to play the game. Psychologically, they would like these kinds of games in order to relieve their stress through these types of war games.

Resources available for players:

There have many resources available in the games to play well and rule the game. Some of the resources and their usages are,

  • Gold Mines: The gold mines you win from the opponent player are used to improve your town hall. And, the gold mine is stored in gold deposits. It can be used for defense purpose like a wall to defend from the opponent.
  • Elixir: It can be acquired by winning the attacks from opponents. It is stored in elixir stores which are used to improve the army camps, troops, and spells.
  • Jewels: It can be earned by completing the achievements or can buy them in app purchases. The jewels are used to upgrade the troops and buildings in the village.

These are the various resources available in the game clash of clans. These resources can make the youngsters feel addictive to have more attacks and win more jewels and gold mines.

Main attractions of the game:

Some of the perks of playing these types of war games are:

  • Attractive: The cartoons used in these games are really beautiful and attractive which makes many kids love with the game. Some may like the character in the games based on the color, appearance and the graphics used in the game.
  • Easy to use: Also, the game has simple rules and regulations to be followed to play the game. And, the graphics used in the game is easily understandable to all age people. The user-friendly display makes the player feel comfortable and enjoy the game.
  • Purchases: One can also buy the jewels and coins to upgrade their town halls in-app purchases. Since it is easy and cost efficient to buy the items it makes the players play the games for 24*7 and enjoy the game.
  • Save their progress: One can also save their progress in their account to be played anywhere and at any time.

These are the main benefits or the features of the game clash of clans. Many people are addictive only due to its features and resources like an elixir, gold mines, coins, and jewels. These can increase the player’s progress in their communities and the tools in the villages.

It is one of the most played games in the year 2012 and most addictive games. The game also has many cheat codes and hacks to win many villages and defend from the opponent. These hacks are used to strengthen your troops to defend from attackers in order to win gold mines and coins. The more you win the attacks the more you reach higher levels. Many adults would check their phones often in the sense that they may have any attackers in their villages. The game is to win the villages to strength your village. The clash of clans’ game is widely called as COC and played often by people. Generally, the players use many strategies and ideas to defend their village. Like, some addictive players can go for an attack on other villages in the night time as many players would be slept and the player can easily win the game.

Some may strengthen their village by purchasing the various resources in the app purchases and also some may use the hack and cheat codes. The more get interested and addicted there have more chances to rule this game. As a coin with both head and tail, the game also has some pros and cons. One should play the game in a limited manner to avoid the addiction towards this game.

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