Things you might not have known about chipotle restaurants

The Mexican grill, chipotle has grown to be one of the most beloved and popular in the USA as a restaurant chain. It is a franchise, which was founded in the 90s, but the past decade has made them be very successful.

Check out more about Chipotle Catering here and get to know more about the great tacos and burritos which made it be more successful as compared to their rivals and become a force which is dominant when it comes to fast food industry. With each passing decade, the chipotle restaurant has grown in their numbers. Their locations are found in most states and you will not miss them out in food courts and malls, for accessibility which is easy.

Though their menu is small for such a large food chain which has become popular, it works well for them. Burrito bowls, salads, and tacos are the options which are main, providing enough variety for various customers. There are different types of veggies and meat options which are offered to ensure that the menu is rounded out. They tend to know what their customers want and tend to only offer those particular things instead of going overboard.

But there are things about chipotle, which you might not know which is important that you know:

  • Quesarito is available at certain locations: For years, there have been rumors about a menu which exists secretly at chipotle. Check out more about Chipotle Catering here and you will find that, on certain occasions, there is one special item which is normally offered. It is a known fact that the employees of chipotle have been making elusive quesarito dish if you request it on a day which is slow.But if the chipotle location is busy, then the employees will shut down your request or if it has a long line. There are some locations which will automatically offer you with the quesarito if you ask it on a slow day. The combination of burrito and quesadilla will provide a meal which is perfect for some clients who are able to get it at chipotle outlets.
  • Burrito wrapping class for employees who are new: There are some chipotle restaurants where making burritos is specific. If you are an average person, you might assume that there is only a single way to fold the burrito to perfection. Whenever you take home a burrito, the chipotle employees ensure that they give you one that has a folding that is flawless.There are some restaurants which have a short class of sorts where new employees are tasked to observe how the old employees are doing the folding of a burrito. After that, they will then have to showcase the same with confirmation from an employee who is established. It is a learning experience which is short, but it is the one which allows the chipotle to continue being able to satisfy its customers with great burritos.
  • Customer demand made queso to change: Due to high demand from customers, there was the introduction of queso on the chipotle menu in 2017. For quite a while, chips have been offered on the menu which led to customers asking queso to be included on the menu.When queso was added, chipotle customers were disappointed as the initial one was thought to be an embarrassment to cheese. With the complaints, chipotle staff worked hard on improving it. In the recent past, outcomes have had positive reviews about the same. Though when you check out more about Chipotle Catering here, you will find out that not everyone likes it, but improving it proved to the customers that, chipotle listens to its customers.
  • Chipotle was sued for lying about the count of calorie: In most cases, chipotle likes to ensure that it creates a positive relationship with its customers. That is why, whenever there is a negative story, it becomes a big issue especially about lying to their customers concerning the food they buy. The calorie count in the food is one of the major negativity that chipotle received with a lawsuit.In 2016, chorizo was added to the chipotle menu as an addition that is rare at that particular time. The burrito which had chorizo and the ingredients which were blended in it was advertised as containing only 300 calories. But the truth was that the burrito contained 1055 calories. They had to apologize to their customers with a claim that, they meant to say that, it is the chorizo alone which contained the 300 calories. For the false advertisement, they received a class action lawsuit. The chorizo was removed from the menu and you shouldn’t expect it any time soon.
  • Most restaurants are equipped with solar panels: The decisions which chipotle takes try to have a positive impact. There is a bold move which saw them work with renewable energy to be able to install solar panels in about 75 restaurants locations. The project was done in Colorado and Texas.Due to the fact that it was a decision which was environmentally conscious, it was able to receive praise for being able to try and reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. With that, the chipotle believed that they are the ones leading in the production of direct solar energy in the USA restaurant industry.

    The solar panels which they designed are able to generate about 500 kilowatts of electrical power. People like eating more at places which seem to do things which they respect. And with what chipotle did, they seemed to impress customers.

  • Chipotle is getting stiff competition in New York: Though it is still at the top, with very few competition opening for high-end burrito fast food, there is one which has come up in New York. This has made chipotle to lose some of its customers to the famous restaurant –Dos Toros. Both chipotle and Dos Toros have the same décor, and the menu tends to be the same.

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