How To Choose The Best Inversion Tables

There is no doubt that there are a number of possible benefits as far as using of inversion tables are concerned. They could be useful in managing symptomatically pain especially back pain which is a big problem for millions of people across the country and the world. For many the pain is excruciating and also debilitating and could make many people end up being bed ridden for many days. Their movements also become very restricted and they have to depend on pain killers for a long period of time to battle such pain. We all know how damaging pain killers can be on our body. It could negatively impact our vital organs like the heart, liver, kidney and even the brain. Hence, there has always been an endeavor to look for something safer. While surgeries are often recommended these again are invasive and they carry their own risks of failure and should it happen, it could be serious for many. Therefore, we will look at the highly interesting world of inversion tables and how they could be useful in back pain amongst millions of people across the world. We are sure it will be of interest to those who are looking for the right inversion tables. In other words, if you are looking to choose the best inversion tables for back pain then this article could be interesting in more ways than one. It will help the readers to choose the right inversion table and also give them some idea as to whether it would be wise to go in for inversion therapy.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain

There are different types of back pains and there could be many reasons attached to it. Hence it is important to identify the underlying cause and then go in for treatment. However, it has been found that in most cases, back pain is caused because of the compression of the spinal cord by some other external muscle, bone or tissue. This usually happens at the base of the spinal cord and this leads to dull back pain for some while other could have excruciating and unbearable pain. There could be others who could have back pain only when they are lying down or when they are up, walking or sitting. Hence, in all cases where the spinal cord has been pinched or compressed, many experts believe that using a quality inversion table and doing inversion therapy could work in more ways than one.

How To Select The Right Inversion Table

Now that we have some idea about the different types of possible back pain, let us try and identify some tips by which we can buy the right inversion table. The following few points we believe will be useful in more ways than one.

Is It Comfortable

This is one of the most important points you must bear in mind when you are in the job of buying the best inversion tables for back pain. It must be able to serve the purpose for which it is being bought. In other words, within minutes, you must be able to find some benefit and relief from the back pain which you could be suffering. When we talk about comfort we also cannot ignore the ease of installation of the inversion table. Further the table must be easy to be on and elders must be able to use it on their own without too much of a bother. They should come packed well and once opened they must be in a ready to use condition rather than making you to spend hours in fixing up the inversion table.

Safety & Security Features

Good inversion tables are those which come with the best of security and safety features. They must be able to handle the payload of the users comfortable. There are different types of inversion tables and each one of them come with their own weight bearing capacities. Normally any simple model should be able to bear weight of around 130 lbs at the minimum. The premium models could have a payload capacity in excess of 300 lbs. However, you must do your research and restrict yourself only to those inversion tables which are specifically suited to your build, body weight and other attributes. This will take time to research and find out but you must not believe in shortcuts as far as safety and security features are concerned.

Workmanship & Materials

There is no doubt that inversion tables bear the entire weight of the body. Therefore it must have the best of workmanship and the best of materials must have been used. You cannot compromise on the material quality. The hinges in particular bear the entire load and therefore it must be made from the best possible steel.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Any good inversion table should have the best of warranty terms and conditions failing which customers will not be willing to invest in it. It is a known fact that inversion tables cost a lot deal of money and therefore it must be able to offer them value for money. This is possible only when the company is able to give a sense of confidence and trust to its customers. They must be ready to replace any faulty inversion table or even refund the money back should the need arise. There cannot be any compromise on this under any circumstances.

Ease Of Use And After Sales Service

Finally the customer must find the inversion table easy to use and it should not be a drag on his or her efforts. It must be pleasing experience even if the customer spends a few minutes on it. The more comfortable he or she feels the more number of times it will be used. The customers will also be willing to talk about it to his or her friends, relatives and this will certain a big advertisement for the manufacturers.

Therefore quite a few things must be kept in mind when it comes to choosing the right inversion tables for handling back pain and other problems.