Tips for Buying and installing your Air Conditioner

Thoughts will always turn to chill-up whenever the weather heats up. If central air conditioning units are not viable options for some reasons, you can always to turn room air conditioning units as very affordable and energy-efficient alternatives for cooling your indoor environments during such hot weathers. You are not alone in this quest to beat the heat. More 8 million air conditioning units are shipped every year for sale. People living in hotter regions and also the other ones want Air Conditioner, in their home and offices; it is very difficult to think of life without an Air Conditioner. There are lots of choices when you are going in for this product and there are also lots of brands which are offering so many models; there is something for everyone’s needs and budgets, which is a good thing and you have a choice.

Your air conditioning unit takes up about 13% of your annual utility bill and should be given more attention, especially when it comes to buying a new one. There are a number of things you need to consider before choosing which air conditioning unit to buy and you can get some information on this here on keuze helper.

If you buy an air conditioning unit that is too small for your home space, you will have a cooling unit that struggles to cool your home space. If you buy one that is too large, you will be left with one that cools your home so fast that it won’t have enough time to adequately remove moisture, which will leave you with a cold space that feels clammy and for that you need to do proper maintenance and if you do that then there will be no problems and you can have a good cooling experience. You should be sure that the product which you are buying does not consume too much or electricity and also gives you good cooling. That is something very important.

Here are some vital things to pay attention to when buying your next air conditioning unit.

Look for energy misers: The best air conditioning units come with excellent insulating materials and very clear instructions that can help ensure you get an adequate seal around the unit to minimize chances of leaks. This is very important so that there is no loss of cooling you do not want your electricity to go waste and you living in very poor conditions and discomfort. For that go in for a product which gets things done in the right way, with good insulation.

Minimal noise: A good air conditioner should be so quiet that the only sound you hear is the sound of the running fan. Noisy air conditioners are annoying during the night as they can interfere with your sweet night sleep. You want to sleep well, you do not want to get disturbed due to the noise of the air conditioning unit and that is something you will not enjoy at all. You are going in for a product which is there to help you, but if you have disturbances, then the complete purpose is defeated and you will also not get proper sleep which is the last thing you want and may affect your health too.

Swiveling fan arms: If you are going for window air conditioning units, they are no doubt great for blowing air in a single direction. But this will be a problem if you have a window unit that is not centered on your wall. So, buying a window unit that comes with pre-installed fan arms that swivel will ensure your window AC can cool your room uniformly.  This is a very important thing if you want a good cooling experience, or it may just cool a part of the room and you may not feel comfortable in the other areas of the same room.

Consider intelligent cooling options: Modern air conditioning units have gone the smart way. You can now adjust and control your air conditioning unit from your Smartphone. You can also interconnect them with some other cooling systems around your home.

Look at the warranty: Some of these air conditioners come with longer warranties than others. When buying a new unit, it is important you check with the retailer about your choice brand or model warranty. You can also refer to the manufacturer’s website for more information and you can get some more information on this by visiting keuze helper.

Proper installation goes a long way: Even if you buy the right air conditioning unit, the wrong installation will hinder its adequate performance. If you have casement kind of windows, you should buy a through-the-wall AC unit. Also, ensure your AC is level to ensure it can drain adequately. And make sure you move any device that generates heat like your TV set or lamp far from your AC.

Consider filter location: Make sure you have the right location for installation to make sure you can access your air conditioning filter at all times for adequate cleaning. You need to clean as often as possible to keep your AC in top conditions.


To get the best cooling from your air conditioner, it is important you pay attention to these detail during purchase and installation and you can get information on keuze helper, which will give you some very good information.